Everything you need to know about guayusa, its uses and benefits.

guayusa leaf

You’re probably wondering, what’s guayusa and is it just another tea like all the rest? It’s not. 

The Indigenous tribes living deep in the jungles of Ecuador have used Guayusa leaves for more than 2000 years, learning to cultivate them to unlock a myriad of health benefits that live inside.  

Unlike it’s distant cousin the Yerba Mate, known for its bitter taste, guayusa offers rich earthy flavours that are naturally smooth with fruity notes. Guayusa leaf is often brewed with hot water and left to steep. It becomes a deep ruby red colour, creating a naturally caffeinated herbal infusion that can be enjoyed either hot, or cold over ice. 

Although it offers so much more, guayusa tea is best known for its energizing effects; providing the same feeling as a cup of coffee. Don’t mistake this for just another energy drink, Waykana’s guayusa leaf gives you the "kick-start" you need, and is the perfect morning energy without the jitters or crash that caffeine is so well known for. Brew and steep to enjoy hot or cold, bake with Waykana’s guayusa to your favourite baked treats.

The catechin and adaptogens within the guayusa leaf provide a slow and smooth release of caffeine; translating into mental clarity and concentration, making it the perfect drink in the morning. More than that, it’s packed with antioxidants for a healthy body, chlorogenic acids for good digestion and theobromine to boost your mood. 

Aside from guayusa tea’s health benefits and natural caffeine; for the Kichwa community, the guayusa leaf is also a source of life, ritual, and future success. Its growth and cultivation helps the Indigenous of Ecuador preserve the Amazon rainforest. Waykana is there every step of the way by supporting a sustainable supply chain and its family of Indigenous farmers, we bring the very best of the rainforest to your table. 

So what are you waiting for? Try Waykana’s guayusa tea for yourself. 

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