Waykana and Community

Waykana and Community

Communities are what hold the social fabric of our society together, and at Waykana social responsibility is at the forefront of all that we do. 

As the first producer of the green Guayusa leaf, and the world's largest bulk supplier of this natural energy, Waykana has been at the forefront of sustainable guayusa cultivation. We’re more than just a tea company, it is the people we support who have made our product what it is. 

In collaboration with over 100 Kichwa Indigenous communities, our mission is simple; to invigorate and share with the world our natural and balanced energy, while preserving Pacha Mamma and the Amazon Rainforest. Our community is our priority, and giving back to our farmers means we’re implementing training programs, preserving ancestral traditions and investing in local communities.

Our products are grown and cultivated free from pesticides and harsh chemicals, and we’re proud to promote agroforestry production systems, which means we’ve significantly reduced rural poverty in Ecuador’s Amazonian communities. Waykana is the example of how scaling our production to over 10 countries around the world can be done both ethically and sustainably. 


From our loose leaf tea to our guayusa powder, each and every one of our products carries a positive impact to our Kichawa farmers and to you, our customers. 

Thank you for being a part of our family. 

Your best is just around the corner.

With love,

The Waykana Community

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