After meeting Indigenous producers in several journeys to the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, Demetrio Santander and Juan David Gomez found a common thought with these communities; sharing with the world a healthier life filled with energy by introducing this ancestral leaf – Guayusa.

Our mission is to boost the world with natural and balanced energy from the Amazon Rainforest.

Guayusa is a unique naturally caffeinated leaf from the Amazon jungle. Combined with antioxidants, chlorogenic acids and Theobromine, it is nature's ultimate energy drink.  

Every Waykana product brings a positive impact not only in the life of the consumer but also in the life of the native Amazonian farmers who cultivate the Guayusa plant.

For centuries, the Kichwa Indigenous people in the Amazon have used Guayusa as a source of natural energy and a way to connect with the Pachamama (mother earth) and their community.

What makes Guayusa a SuperLeaf?

Guayusa leaves are rich in: Natural Caffeine - Anti-Oxidants - Chlorogenic Acids Theobromine Aminoacids Smooth - Non-bitter flavor.

Largest Guayusa supply chain in the world.

Dedicated to the B2B ingredient market Premium raw material selection Investment in quality from the farm to the final product.

Farmers salary is 15% higher than FAIR TRADE standards

No middlemen partakes in the cultural preservation of ancestral traditions. As an organic product, Waykana Guayusa does not use any chemicals, GMOs or pesticides which would harm this fragile ecosystem.

"When we couldn't take it anymore, this powerful Amazonian drink gave us back energy and purpose" Stay Healthy!

Juan David & Demetrio

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