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Natural organic products for change makers, people who make things happen. Made with Guayusa super leaf. Organically sourced from the Amazonian Rainforest that brings you healthy energy.

What is Guayusa?

Guayusa (gwhy-you-suh) is actually not a 'tea' but a herb. It is found in the Ecuadorian part of Amazon Rainforests.

It has been called the Amazonian Superleaf and has high levels of Caffeine to give you the 'Jaguar' power. 

We are based in ECUADOR were we work with hundreds of indigenous Kichwa farmers to share the secrets of an amazonian healthy lifestyle with the world.


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Waykana's mission is to deliver healthy energy from the Amazon, and we invite you to be part of it. Join us on this journey with Guayusa leaves as you share your experience with others.

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What people say about Waykana

"I love this alternative to black tea! It's delicious with a different flavor & the caffeine is more subtle! I brew mine & add some ginger syrup. Yum!" 

Linda Burton

"This wakes me up better than coffee, the effect lingers for a longer period of time than coffee, and I get no crash, no issues from it, and no headache if I don't drink some of this." 


"It’s flavor is lightly sweet, with a subtle almost buttery flavor. More caffeine than green tea but doesn’t get bitter if you step too long"