Why you should update your morning routine now + practical tips to do it!

Why you should update your morning routine now + practical tips to do it!

Whether you’re a morning person, or getting out of bed feels like a chore, there are numerous reasons why a morning routine will make for a better day. 

No matter if you’re working from home, or headed out to work, our minds are flooded with thoughts, ideas, plans and sometimes worries for our day. Most of us have developed many habits over the past 16 months, some good, and some we might wish against. No matter where you are, as the seasons change, many of us are shifting back into life that’s more normal. 

Now is the best time to adopt a new habit, revisit old favourites or try something new, and all can be a part of your morning routine. 

Tracing back to ancestral traditions, people lived by way of how the earth moved, and routines were crucial in their daily lives. This cycle has gone on for centuries, and many of these same habits are the basis for what people adopt in their routines today. If you didn’t have morning routines before, now is the perfect time to start fresh and build a routine that’s perfect for you. Here is why: 

1-.Studies have shown that morning routines benefit both your psychological and physical health. Setting yourself up with a routine will allow your brain to wake up with you, and put your body in a place where it has the ability to function better. Also, a greater sense of structure at the beginning of the day can help prevent stress and decision fatigue.

2-.A morning routine will help you be prepared, increase productivity, lower stress, boost energy, improve relationships, combat forgetfulness and improve confidence. Good mornings make good days! TIP: Pair a short morning routine with a short night routine for ultimate success!

3-.New habits bring new learnings personally, professionally and mentally. They say it takes 30 days to start a habit, that shouldn’t stop you. Make today the day you start a plan so tomorrow you can start your routine. After a week, you’ll see just how easy it is.

TIP: Hold yourself accountable and consistent by keeping a habit and mood log. This will help you see how your mood improves each day that you put into practice your new habits. If this isn’t for you add phone reminders. 

4-.There is nothing to fear! Some of the most influential people have adopted some form of a morning routine which they attribute to their success. This is something that can be intimidating and stops people from self starting a habit. You don’t need to cop what other people do, play to your strengths and find what works for you to avoid these stereotypical “successful morning routines”. Even if you are not a morning person or you are extremely spontaneous, you can have a flexible morning routine tailor made for your needs!

TIP: the secret to an intuitive morning routine is checking in with your mental and physical energy levels, and have a few morning ritual ideas depending on what type of day it is. Check in with yourself as soon as you wake up. 

5-.Rise to the simple challenge of setting into practice one activity each morning to start your day.

It’s not hard developing a consistent routine, the secret is to start small, make it measurable and take baby steps. Drink a full glass of water. Take five minutes to stretch your body. Step outside and be present. Apply any of these to your life and you’ve already got your morning routine started. 

Just like a good night’s sleep, healthy eating, exercise and fresh air, taking the time for a morning routine in any form are all ingredients to the recipe of a healthy lifestyle. Next week, we’ll be showcasing some simple strategies to help energize your morning routine no matter your lifestyle or personality to help you get your morning routine into action.  

Don’t forget to reach out for your guayusa every morning, we’ve got you!



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