Waykana’s Guyausa and the pursuit of healthy energy

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Rainforests provide a wealth of natural diversity to our world, and in the jungles of Ecuador is where the magic sleeps; growing and living on the branches is the guayusa leaf

As the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon is home to more plant species than any other green space on the planet. With only 2% of the Amazon's total area, Ecuador’s 62 acres of rainforest holds over 1,000 plant species, all living in balance with hundreds of mammals, reptiles, birds and fish.  

Legend has it that one plant, the guayusa, embodies the jaguar, a symbol of intelligence and strength. By no means a large plant in scale, the guayusa leaf grows holly with its jungle neighbours and can grow up to 30 meters tall. 

It’s bright green oval shaped leaves flowers small red leaves when it matures. The leaf itself holds health benefits, including antioxidants, adaptogens, natural energy and anti-inflammatory properties.  

The guayusa leaf is held sacred by the Indegenous who inhabit Ecuador, having been harvested for centuries for rituals, dream sharing, hunting and natural health. The Kichwa people hand pick the guayusa leaf, which grows naturally in the shade and iron rich soils of the territory. Dried and cured outside, they are water boiled and brewed over an open fire, and enjoyed for its natural caffeine with their morning routine and as an afternoon tea. 

Waykana has infused the traditions and natural healthy energy of the guayusa for you to fuel, focus and balance any time of day. Working directly with the Kichwa people, Waykana is proud to bring you only the very best guayusa leaf from Ecuador, with our special blends that provide sustained energy, mental clarity, and calm. 

Come join us and learn how this healthy energy can change your lifestyle. 

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