Morning shots with Guayusa Tea for a balanced energy boost

Morning shots with Guayusa Tea for a balanced energy boost

Your tea is what you make of it! However, wherever or whenever you enjoy your tea, Waykana will help you get to where you need to be with its natural energy and great taste. Try this recipe and get all the benefits of the guayusa tea over your mind and body!


For centuries, people and cultures around the world have enjoyed tea while sharing stories, or as a means to cleanse the body and enrich it with nutrients. Next to water, tea is now the second most consumed beverage globally, and it is estimated that 80 percent of households in the Americas drink tea. The benefits of drinking tea are endless; from aiding in digestion to eliminating inflammation, tea offers more than meets the eye.

The varieties of tea available vary, and guayusa represents a unique leaf that has been brewed in the Amazon for hundreds of years. More than that, Waykana Guayusa tea is chalked full of healthy energy and antioxidants, provides mental clarity which is perfect for your morning routine energy, and all with a smooth, fresh flavour. Each year, in conjunction with the Kichwa of the Amazon, Waykana harvests over 85,000 kilograms of fresh guayusa through it’s sustainable and protective cultivating practices.

Whether you take your Guayusa  tea on the go, or if you steep it for its rich colour and flavour, avoid using boiling water. Instead, turn off the stove or your kettle just before the water boils to keep all of its properties.

This week, we have an easy recipe to kickstart your morning, which can be enjoyed warm or cold. Waykana Guayusa tea shots are inspired by the traditional ways of enjoying guayusa, enjoying it in small doses with the tribe. With a quick dose of your favourite milk, here we’ve used vanilla almond, this recipe is an easy way to improve your morning routine.

Waykana Guayusa Powder Morning Shots


  • ½ cup vanilla almond milk (sweetened or unsweetened)
  • 2 teaspoons Waykana Guayusa powder


  1. Warm up your almond milk in the microwave or stove, it doesn’t need to be very hot.
  2. Add the guayusa powder. 
  3. Place in a shaker, sealed container or use a hand blender and shake until the powder has dissolved. 
  4. Take that shot! You can enjoy it when warm or let it chill with a few ice cubes. 

Enjoy always, 



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