Become a Waykana Ambassador

What is the Waykana Ambassador Program?

If you love sharing your experience with your friends and family, this is your chance!

The Waykana Ambassador program is for all of the guayusa tea lovers who wants to share the benefits of Guayusa leaves and get rewarded for that.

How does it work?

Once you sign up, you'll get a personalized link which redirects anyone to the Waykana Store. You'll be rewarded every time someone buys a WK product.

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Unlimited Discount

You will recieve a special discount code only valid for your account, once you sign up. Also you will get even more benefits so you can enjoy and share the Guayusa benefits with your friends!

Amazing Rewards

Also you can participate in different competitions each month to get different rewards, become the Ambassador of the Month, win the weekly promo, etc. You will be awarded every time!

Rewards System

Form a Community

Remember that Waykana works with a small scale Kichwa farmers, every time you invite someone to try Waykana products you help the Kichwa community and keep their traditions! 


I always recommend to my family or friends to have at least 2 or 3 Guayusa tea cups, now i get rewarded by doing that!


I've won many rewards and specially i have a unique discount everytime I want to buy Guayusa Tea.


How to sign up and get started?

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Click in the sign up button, create your ID with your email or phone number or social account and get your UNIQUE personalized url. With that you are ready to go and start sharing in your social media accounts , email, contacts, etc.


With your personalized link you can share the benefits of Guayusa tea bags or loose leaf anywhere, anytime! Remember to be creative and use pictures or videos to get more engagement in all of your future posts. You can ask us for pictures or media content!



Every time someone clicks in your personalized link and buys a Waykana product you'll get rewarded with money commissions, which depends of the total amount of the order made! The more sales you do, the more commissions you can get!

What are you waiting for?

Sign up for the Waykana Ambassador program and start sharing the benefits of Guayusa tea!

Have some questions before signing up? Leave a message below!

Mateo Camacho

Waykana Ambassador Manager // // +593 958840705