New beginnings with Waykana

New beginnings with Waykana

I quit traditional caffeine and tried guayusa’s natural energy instead. This is my story so far. 

Whether it was for that morning kick, a midday boost, or something to help me survive my busy evening routine, for years, my caffeine intake has been the same. At the start of this year, I was consuming more caffeine than ever, fixing myself multiple drinks a day as I navigated my busy schedule.

By late winter, the copious amounts of caffeine I was consuming left me exhausted. I knew I needed a change and decided to find an alternative to everything I’ve been consuming before. 

A client of mine mentioned guayusa as an alternative as he swore by its benefits including adaptogens, 

and the natural energy that it holds. He recommended Waykana as a place to start my journey, and shared some of his favourite products. 

Truth be told, I was skeptical. I have never been much of a tea drinker, aside from the odd cup of black tea which I’d never finish, enjoying it only with chocolate as it pairs well on my palate. Despite my reservations, I decided to give it a try and set myself up with a few of Waykana’s products including their loose leaf teas and guayusa powder.  

When my order arrived, I was greeted with Waykana’s colourful packaging, making a bold statement amongst the other products in my cupboard. I decided to leave the past behind and started my day with a cacao guayusa tea as my morning drink. I set my kettle, remembering to switch it off just before it hit the boil, I tore open the package and dropped the bag into my favourite mug. 

Slowly pouring the hot water immediately revealed a rich smell that wafted through the kitchen, seeping into a dark maroon coloured drink. The taste was unique in itself, not overbearing or bitter like I had imagined it, but was rather smooth and naturally sweet to taste. Before I knew it, I finished my cup. More than that, it provided everything I needed and more. After a few days I felt more focused, which boosted my motivation and made the work days easier. 

It’s been nearly a month now where Waykana has been my partner to start the day, and have enjoyed Waykana’s products through and through as hot and cold drinks. I love that it’s such a versatile product, adding Waykana guayusa powder to my smoothies and including it with my baking. Taking some time away from the city, I was sure to pack my Waykana products for the journey, sharing and recommending Waykana with friends and family. I’ve loaded up my shopping cart to stock up on all of Waykana’s new bagged tea flavours which are sure to continue exciting my senses as a morning drink.   


Don’t sleep on Waykana’s guayusa, it’s a must try for everyone out there.  

For every story there’s Waykana. Make yours with us now. 


This is a story from one of our Waykana supporters, hailing from Canada, they’ve become one of Waykana’s biggest fans.

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