Making history: The first startup to enter Quito’s stock market!

Making history: The first startup to enter Quito’s stock market!

September 1st 2021

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Waykana, a small business growing within the Ecuadorian Amazon, has had it’s Initial Public Offering in Quito’s stock market with its first 1000 shares. This is a historic event, as no other small business has reached this milestone in Ecuador. 

Since Waykana’s foundation in 2015 the startup has had an exponential growth of up to 75% per year, with their guayusa being exported to more than 10 countries including the United States, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, and many others. Waykana plans to expand its reach with healthy product innovations and 5000 new outlets in Ecuador and the world by attracting new capital from investors.

The Ecuadorian company with national and international recognition works in the cultivation, production and export of Guayusa, an organic product considered a superfood for its healthy energy and antioxidant content. They work with over 100 small-scale Kichwa indigenous farmers, implementing organic and agroforestry methods that support the preservation of the Amazon rainforest, while offering payments over fair trade standards to the amazonian communities.

Quito’s Stock Exchange alongside the Superintendency of Companies approved the operation and Waykana has rang the traditional opening bell as a symbolic act of entering the stock market. As of right now, Waykana came out with 220 shares worth USD 909 each and holds 1,000 shares with an overall value of USD 1 108.980 dollars.

"From the beginning, Waykana prepared financially with transparency and accountability to respond to investors, shareholders and the general public. We are proud to be the first SME in this new chapter in the financial history of Ecuador by sharing a national treasure from our Amazon, making it known in our country and to the whole world"  -Juan David Gómez and Demetrio Santander, Founders of Waykana.

Waykana sets a precedent for small and medium-sized businesses in Ecuador for growth and expansion of capital.

Learn more about the founder’s personal journey with this amazing project here.

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