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Guayusa Loose Leaf Tea

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Guayusa loose leaf captures the freshness and original color of the guayusa leaf; harvested fresh directly from the tree. It provides an invigorating, yet balanced, energy boost. 
  • INGREDIENTS: Organic Guayusa
  • ✓ SIZE: 8 OZ (½ pound) - 16 OZ (1 pound) - 35.2 OZ (2.2 pounds)
  • ✓ CAFFEINE CONTENT: 40 mg/1 cup
  • ✓ HOW TO ENJOY:  Use 1 Tsp (2.5 g) in a 8 oz cup with hot water. For a stronger brew, steep longer or add more tea blend to taste.  For iced tea, bring infusion to room temperature, add ice and chill.
  • ✓ WHAT IS GUAYUSA: An endemic plant native to Ecuador's Amazon Rainforest. Enjoyed by the Indigenous Kiwcha, the guayusa leaf is packed with natural energy, amino acids, and antioxidants; providing balanced, sustained and focused energy throughout the day. Learn more.
  • ✓ MANUFACTURERS GUARANTEE: USDA Organic Certified. No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or fillers. The purchase of our products directly supports local Amazonian indigenous families who harvest our guayusa, their communities, and the conservation of the Amazonian rainforest. Proudly Manufactured in the USA. Learn more.


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