Cinnamon Loose Leaf Tea
Cinnamon Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf Tea
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Cinnamon Loose Leaf Tea

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Tea leaves cinnamon has depth, flavor, and an aroma that will delight you from its fragrance and taste. 

  • ✓ ENERGY & NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT POWDER: Waykana wants to offer you new experiences and ways to consume and get the benefits of the sacred and ancestral Guayusa leaf. Our leaf energy powder provides energy that will keep you going and focused all day long with no crash.
  • ✓ NATURAL BENEFITS OF GUAYUSA LEAVES: Boosts your mental clarity, alertness, and focus energy. This bag con contains 150 servings of 2g. Guayusa powder can be added to a variety of dishes and drinks.
  • ✓ EASY TO USE: Add 1 teaspoon of Guayusa powder to your juice, shakes, fruit, yogurt; or simply mix it with water, lemon juice, and honey, for having an energetic lemonade for the rest of the day.
  • ✓ CAFFEINE AND ANTIOXIDANTS: Guayusa contains more natural caffeine than Yerba Mate and regular tea as well as double the antioxidants and chlorogenic acids of green tea. This gives Guayusa the ability to boost your productivity with all-day focused energy.
  • ✓ MANUFACTURER VALUE: Waykana's products are crafted using a unique process. We use no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or fillers. Guayusa is grown, harvested, and processed in the Napo Amazon region of Ecuador. Indigenous Kichwa communities grow Guayusa in traditional agroforestry plots known as “chakras,” which include numerous Amazonian crop and plant species.

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