Trial Pack - Guayusa Tea Boxes (3 pack)
Guayusa Tea Boxes (3 pack)
Tea Boxes (3 pack)

Trial Pack - Guayusa Tea Boxes (3 pack)

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  • WAYKANA TRIAL PACK: Perfect pack if you are new to guayusa tea. Contains 16 tea bags of each of our blends: Original Green Guayusa, Amazon Cacao Guayusa, and Amazon Chai Guayusa. Share and enjoy this tea with friends and family.
  • CAFFEINE AND ANTIOXIDANTS: Guayusa contains more natural caffeine than Yerba Mate and regular tea as well as double the antioxidants and chlorogenic acids of green tea.
  • NO JITTERS / CRASH - HERBAL COFFEE SUBSTITUTE: Guayusa is rich in L-Theanine, this amino acid that improves cognitive function works in combination with the caffeine in Guayusa to prevent the jitters and crash commonly found in coffee and energy drinks.
  • JAGUAR ENERGY: Guayusa and the majestic Jaguar are both native to the Amazon Rainforest and retain a magical and mythical significance; "Jaguar Energy" aims to bring this to the world and its focus and energy bringing properties are ideal for work, study, sports and keeping energized and healthy.