WAYKANA Guayusa Loose Leaf Tea: Cut Your Caffeine Intake while Boosting Your Energy

WAYKANA Guayusa Loose Leaf Tea: Cut Your Caffeine Intake while Boosting Your Energy

WAYKANA Guayusa Loose Leaf Tea: Cut Your Caffeine Intake while Boosting Your Energy

It's undeniable that the majority of the population in the world, particularly in the United States, are coffee lovers. This popular drink gives most of us the energy boost we need to start the day. However, with many studies explaining the adverse effects that caffeine can have on our bodies, it's not surprising that a growing number of coffee drinkers are looking for healthier alternatives. If you're one of these people who want to cut down caffeine consumption but can't give up that energy boost, then you might want to try this WAYKANA Guayusa Loose Leaf Tea.

You've probably heard about Guayusa (Ilex guayusa) but don't know much about it. Guayusa tea is a caffeinated herbal drink that's widely consumed in Ecuador and other countries in South America. This organic infusion is made from the leaves of holly trees that are native to the Amazon rainforest.

Guayusa tea is an excellent alternative to coffee because it provides that same kick-start and buzz that coffee does, but with less of the jittery feeling. From a traditional village drink, Guayusa tea had gained prominence in the herbal health industry, primarily because of the nutrients it contains. However, it's most notable for being able to boost alertness, mood, and concentration without that heavy crash feeling, anxiety, and restlessness, which are often associated with coffee.

Why Choose WAYKANA Guayusa Loose Leaf Tea?

Waykana is a company that has a primary goal of providing a healthy energy drink to people who need to get energized without sacrificing their health. To ensure that they will be able to provide a clean, functional tea product, the people behind Waykana had taken their time to learn the practice of brewing Guayusa, its symbolism, as well as its deep culture with the Kichwa tribe of Ecuadorian Amazon.

Here are the top reasons why you should get your Guayusa Loose Leaf Tea only from Waykana:

  • Our organic energy drink products are made from carefully-obtained Guayusa leaves that have undergone distinctive investigation and processes. This meticulous approach allows us to maintain all the characteristics and properties of the Guayusa leaf that our bodies need.

  • With years of experience learning the ins and outs of the Guayusa market, we have discovered the balance between sweetness and bitterness. Our Guayusa Loose Leaf Tea is naturally sweet and green, which makes it stand out among other Guayusa tea brands in the market.

  • Waykana also works closely with Kichwa farmers, and we aspire to help in the sustainable production of Guayusa, as well as the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. We serve as the middleman, which brings health benefits to consumers and economic benefits to growers.

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