Waykana Guayusa: Improve Your Health While Helping the Kichwa People of the Ecuadorian Amazon

Guayusa Tea

Guayusa, the source of an organic energy tea with a long list of benefits, does more than just improving the health of its consumers. Native to Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest, around 98% of Guayusa trees can be found on the thin stretch of the Upper Amazon, next to the Andes Mountains. The Kichwa people in this part of the world are the most notable growers of Guayusa. Aside from providing these villagers with the energy, they need to face the day, cultivating Guayusa trees also serves as a sustainable source of income for these indigenous people.

The Impact of Guayusa Tea to Growers and Consumers

Guayusa is a leaf that is brewed like tea. However, it is not related to black or green tea. Compared to these organic drink alternatives, Guayusa tea contains more caffeine and antioxidants than green tea. Furthermore, it provides a healthy amount of chlorogenic acids, which is good for the heart and also aids in weight loss.

Scientific studies supporting the long list of health benefits that consumers can get from drinking Guayusa tea have paved the way for its prominence in different parts of the world. The demand for this organic energy drink had increased, and Ecuador started exporting it.

Can Guayusa Production Remain Sustainable?

Guayusa trees are typically grown by the Kichwa farmers on chacras (forest garden). The plants need no chemicals or fertilizers as Guayusa allows sustainable nutrient flow, the same way the Amazon rainforest nurtures itself without human intervention. Since the growth of Guayusa trees basically replicates the natural structure of the rainforest, the input back then had been very low.

As the demand for this Amazonian tea continues to grow, the Kichwa people also had to double their efforts so that the production would remain sustainable. They had to reforest those once degraded parts of the Amazon and transformed them into sustainable forest gardens.

As they say, growth is what drives impact. The more demand for Guayusa tea, the more income for Kichwa people. Not only would it help them in their everyday living, but it would significantly aid farmers in cultivating Guayusa, in maintaining the Amazon Rainforest, and in producing a clean, functional product.

If you’re after the health benefits, then it’s time to ditch your unhealthy, artificial energy drinks. Guayusa tea can provide you the same amount of energy without compromising your overall health. Aside from reaping the benefits, you are also giving the Kichwa people a sustainable source of income. Furthermore, you become a part of the preservation of the Amazon rainforest, albeit indirectly. How about that?

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