The Advantages of Guayusa Leaf, the Leaf that Substitutes Coffee

The Advantages of Guayusa Leaf, the Leaf that Substitutes Coffee

The Advantages of Guayusa Leaf, the Leaf that Substitutes Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the US. Over 50% of adult Americans drink it every day including specialty drinks like espresso and cappuccino.

People drink coffee for a variety of reasons – it’s delicious, healthy, and, above all, it offers a nice kick of energy. The problem with coffee, however, is that it can be expensive and addictive.


This can result in health issues. Overconsumption of coffee can result in an increased risk of anxiety, heart issues, and high blood pressure. Moreover, it can also lead to stomach problems.

This is why people are on a lookout for coffee alternatives that offer the same aroma, energy, and taste as coffee. While yerba mate and tea are considered two good alternatives to coffee, they’re not as good as coffee.


If you’re looking for a true alternative then consider guayusa. It offers all the benefits of coffee but without the side effects. Let’s talk more about guayusa and why it’s a reliable coffee alternative.

What is Guayusa? and Why It is a Good Coffee Alternative?

Guayusa is a native tree leaf that’s commonly used in America, especially in Ecuador, to prepare a caffeinated herbal beverage. In fact, about 98% of the guayusa is found in Ecuador. The leaves are brewed just like tea but it's not related to tea in any way.

The leaves of guayusa are dried and steeped in piping hot water. It’s easier to make than coffee, which is one of the major reasons why more and more people are interested in guayusa.

Guayusa leaves have been used for thousands of years by the indigenous people who lived in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Many native tribes call it ‘the night watchman’ due to its coffee-like quality of helping people stay away for hours. This happens due to the presence of caffeine.

What are the Benefits of Guayusa?

Just like coffee, guayusa also has several mental and physical benefits. It’s rich in antioxidants and healthy nutrients including some you’ll find in coffee.


Beneficial Compounds You Will Find in Guayusa:

- Saponins, Flavonoids, and Polyphenols

These phytochemicals are said to be good for cancer as they strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation.

- Theobromine

Also found in chocolate, this compound acts as a diuretic and is known to reduce inflammation and keep the blood pressure on the lower side. 

- Chlorogenic Acid

This is another phyto-chemicals known for its weight loss qualities. It improves metabolism and reduces blood sugar levels, hence is said to be good for diabetic individuals

- L-Theanine

L-Theanine aids in the production of dopamine, the hormone that makes us happy and keeps us calm. It also increases focus, improves memory, and improves learning ability.

Tastes Like Coffee

Guayusa tastes just like coffee but without the bitterness. This makes it a better option than coffee. A lot of people shy away from making their own coffee due to the risk of bitterness. They have no option but to go to expensive stores like Starbucks.

With Guayusa, the risk is not there. You can prepare your own caffeinated drink at home and enjoy it. It doesn’t contain tannins, hence there’s little to no risk of the drink tasting bitter. It’s known for its clean, sweet, and silky taste.

Contains Caffeine

According to reports, guayusa contains less caffeine than coffee, in a healthier dosage. If you are already addicted to coffee, you will have no difficulty moving to guayusa as an alternative to help your body.


We know that the caffeine present in coffee can result in jitters. Such a problem, however, hasn’t been reported in the case of guayusa.

No Staining

Coffee can stain teeth, but guayusa has no such drawbacks. You’ll be able to smile without any issues.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of guayusa? Look at our products and choose what fits you the best.

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