How to Conquer Your Caffeine Addiction with Guayusa Tea

How to Conquer Your Caffeine Addiction with Guayusa Tea

How to Conquer Your Caffeine Addiction with Guayusa Tea


Several studies claim that caffeine, a highly addictive drug, is the most consumed psychostimulant in the world. Coffee beans contain a high amount of caffeine, which is known to keep drinkers awake and energized throughout the day. It's the reason why coffee is one of the most popular energy drinks in the world. But as great as it sounds, too much of this drug can cause severe health problems in the long run. So if you're thinking of ways to cut back on your caffeine consumption, perhaps you may want to try out the tips below. We will help you conquer your caffeine addiction with Guayusa tea, with a few proven and tested methods.

Tips to Cut Back on Caffeine

1. Identify how much caffeine you are consuming.

To break the cycle of your caffeine addiction, you must first identify the amount you are actually consuming. Aside from coffee, you can also get this drug from other known energy drinks and chocolates. Create a list where you can keep track of your caffeine consumption. Write down how many cups of coffee you drink a day. Also, check the labels of every caffeinated beverage you drink and make sure to keep a note of those too.

2. Set your goals.

Most coffee drinkers who've tried to quit drinking coffee all at once claimed to have experienced extreme headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. Conquering your caffeine addiction would take a lot of commitment. Furthermore, it's always best if you do it gradually. Start by setting small goals you can achieve by a particular date. Let's say from 4 cups of coffee you cut down to three, then two, then one. You will feel a delightful sense of accomplishment as days pass by, and your goals are met.

3. Look for healthier coffee alternatives.

The increasing number of people who want to rekindle their relationships to a healthier lifestyle has given the spotlight to several coffee alternatives. One of the most in-demand today is Guayusa tea, an organic energy drink hailing its roots from Ecuador's Amazon rainforest. Guayusa is known for its impressive punch of caffeine and antioxidants. But, compared to coffee, Guayusa contains a lesser amount of caffeine, which is enough to give you that kick-start, minus the jittery feeling and anxiety. Furthermore, Guayusa tea is highly regarded for a long list of health benefits, especially heart health.

Why Should You Consider Switching to Guayusa?

You should understand that giving up coffee would not be easy, especially if your body has become dependent on its caffeine content. The characteristic withdrawal symptoms you might experience are fatigue, headache, anxiety, insomnia, constipation, mood changes, and inability to concentrate.

It's the reason why most health experts recommend finding a coffee substitute, such as Guayusa tea, instead of quitting abruptly. Your body might get shocked; that's why you need a healthier alternative. With this organic tea from Ecuador, you'll still get the energy boost provided by caffeine, but without the adverse effects on your health. You would also experience enhanced mood and concentration as this tea becomes a part of your daily regimen.

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