Caffeine is found in beverage drinks like coffee which has become commonly used to boost energy. It improves concentration and morale, which are being used by those that need to stay awake or work for long hours. Coffee has become one of the most common beverages for adults, and it has many health advantages.

However, the overconsumption of coffee can become harmful to the body system, that the body can become tolerant to the healthy effect of caffeine. Also, the buildup of excess caffeine in the body can become harmful to the extent that it causes adverse effects on the body.

Overcoming Caffeine Addiction with Guayusa Tea

The body system will become resistant to specific substances when they become excess in the body. People have been developing health concerns due to caffeine, with the buildup of chemicals in the system. But overcoming caffeine addiction has become a challenge, for some people are used to taking up to four cups of coffee a day. The problem here is how to overcome the addiction to coffee to reduce the caffeine intake to the body.

Reducing caffeine intake will require you to reduce coffee consumption gradually, and this will be difficult for those that are addicted to it. But with Guayusa tea, you can gradually overcome your caffeine addiction in the following ways:

1. People have become addicted to taking coffee a day, and it is only suitable to find a replacement. The replacement must be a healthy drink, and Guayusa is an appropriate herbal tea to replace coffee with a high caffeine concentration. Thus the first step in conquering caffeine addiction is to find a suitable herbal tea, and this is the best alternative.

2. With an understanding of how the addiction process works, reducing coffee intake will not be an easy task to accomplish. It has to be a gradual process of withdrawal with the use of Guayusa tea. The process involves a combination of the coffee with the Guayusa tea while you gradually reduce the intake of coffee.

3. Now that we have a suitable replacement for coffee, do not think that you can stop the urge instantly. It has to be done in a gradual process for the body to get used to the changes. Now if you are taking four cups of coffee daily, you should reduce it to three cups of coffee and one cup of Guayusa tea daily. Do this for a week and then switch to two cups of coffee and two cups of Guayusa tea daily. And before you know it, you would have gradually stopped taking coffee totally as the body gets used to the Guayusa tea.

It would help if you understood that excess consumption of any substance is harmful to the body. This is also true with Guayusa tea, so you should consider the effect of consuming this tea. The tea also contains some amount of caffeine and other substances that are healthy to the body, and as a natural product, it is a good alternative.

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