Guayusa Leaves: What You Need to Know about Its Antioxidant and Caffeine Content

Guayusa Leaves

Guayusa tea is a naturally caffeinated herbal infusion. This organic energy tea comes from the leaves of the Guayusa tree, which is abundant in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador. Due to the drink being an integral part of the life and rituals of the Kichwa people, Guayusa tea slowly gained popularity. It became known in different parts of the world as a popular alternative to Yerba Mate and coffee. The reason for its rise to fame in the world of tea can be credited to its long list of health benefits.

The Chemical Properties of Guayusa Leaves

Guayusa tea is best known for its energizing effect; it delivers the exact same feeling that you get from drinking a strong cup of coffee. However, unlike other famous energy drinks, Guayusa tea provides that "kick-start" sensation without the usual jitters associated with known caffeinated beverages.

The absence of that sudden crash response is due to the catechin content of Guayusa. This chemical provides a slow and smooth release of caffeine over extended periods. Notably, this gentler manner of releasing translates to the creation of mental strength and concentration rather than a jittery feeling. Aside from these, this polyphenol antioxidant helps protect the body against inflammation, cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic health conditions. Experts even claim that catechins are responsible for lowering cholesterol levels.

While Guayusa is a distant cousin of the famous Yerba Mate, it provides a more enjoyable teatime thanks to its earthy and rich flavors but without that "bitter" taste. It's naturally smooth and sweet and is enough to provide sustainable energy to tea enthusiasts.

Aside from caffeine, Guayusa leaves also contain theophylline, an alkaloid that is also present in green tea. It also boasts theobromine, a stimulant that contributes a relaxing feeling which we commonly get from eating dark chocolate.

The varied and abundant amount of antioxidants in Guayusa tea are also known to boost metabolism, making this drink a competent aid for weight loss. They also help the body in getting rid of impurities and is highly recommended to be a part of your detoxing regimen.

Guayusa Tea: Is it Safe?

It's no secret that too much caffeine consumption can cause insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness. Fortunately, with Guayusa tea, you don't have to worry about these adverse effects. While the caffeine content is higher than Yerba Mate, researchers find no correlation between this organic tea and common conditions that can be associated with other caffeinated drinks. However, to ensure safe consumption, experts advise avoiding consuming this natural energy drink on an empty stomach. If you have caffeine-related sensitivities, you can try this drink and see how it works in your body.

To conclude, Guayusa tea is a safe organic energy drink with minimal to no side effects, so you might as well get your pack today!

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