Coffee has become a daily ritual for many people, and they cannot do without it a day. While some consume too many cups of coffee daily that it has become an addiction, it may cause discomfort with others. Coffee is one of the healthiest beverages, but too much can be harmful to the body. The beverage is so rich and has many health benefits, but it can become detrimental to the body.

Now people may seek to want to quit coffee for one reason or the other. Some may have become too addicted to the beverage drink, or it may lead to respiratory issues or make them feel jittery, which has become a common side effect of coffee. The quest for an alternative becomes apparent. To find a suitable replacement that can offer the same benefit as the coffee but without the side effects.

Guayusa - Perfect Alternative to Coffee

Guayusa is a suitable replacement for Coffee, which is the product of a tree in the Amazon forest called Guayusa tree. The leaves are processed into herbal tea after they have been dried and brewed. They are rich in caffeine and antioxidants and are made into powder form.

They are suitable for the body and can be added to tea and energy drinks. The benefits of taking Guayusa include:

1. It boosts mood and concentration

One of the main reasons people drink coffee is to boost their mood and concentration. And with Guayusa, you are going to get the same effect with its high level of caffeine and theobromine. Taking Guayusa herbal tea will improve your mood, alertness, and concentration. For those with some health complications with coffee, this will be the perfect alternative for the same effect as coffee.

2. Guayusa boost antioxidant

Drinking Guayusa tea as an alternative has a positive effect on your health. The drink boosts the production of several antioxidants which are suitable for the body. There are specific antioxidants produced that protect the body against inflammation, heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

3. It may help to stabilize blood sugar

The Guayusa drink will boost the movement of sugar around the body. When blood sugar builds up in the body, it may lead to adverse health effects such as type 2 diabetes. It has been found that drinking Guayusa tea will reduce the level of blood sugar in the body.

4. It is suitable for weight loss

One of the advantages of caffeinated drinks is that they help in weight loss. Caffeine boosts metabolism in the body and decreases appetite. The Guayusa tea contains a reasonable amount of caffeine, making it suitable for those that want to lose weight.

These are the benefits of drinking the Guayusa tea. And you can see from its benefits that it will be a suitable alternative to coffee, with its health benefits. But you must understand that everything should be consumed in moderation. While it has several advantages, drinking too much of it at a period may cause some harm to the body. Other than that, it is an enjoyable natural product that can be consumed as a tea or mixed with energy drinks.

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